Jobs and Local Economic Development

As a police officer, Councilman Buscaino saw firsthand what happens when people are out of work—they turn to drugs and crime to make ends meet.  Good middle class jobs are the backbone of our local economy and serve as the support structure of our local property values. 

In 2011, Joe released his 4-Point Jobs Plan to create jobs and boost economic activity in Council District 15.  As a member of the City Council’s Trade, Commerce, & Tourism Committee, he has started initiating many parts of the plan, including development at the waterfront and key initiatives to support small businesses.

He successfully passed an ordinance to remove over 600 parking meters from San Pedro and Wilmington, increasing business for local shops, encouraging job growth, and bringing in more revenue for the city with increased sales.

Even though our community is still strong, Councilman Buscaino wants to build upon the tradition and lessons of hard work that he experienced watching his father, who the Councilman points to as “an example of the American Dream.”  Joe knows that today, as in the past, people are willing to work just as hard to buy a home and raise a family, and that it is his responsibility to bring well-paying, sustainable jobs to our District.

Keeping Neighborhoods Safe 

Neighborhood safety is the foundation of our quality of life.  As a local police officer, Joe knows what is happening on the streets of our neighborhoods.  He has seen the pain experienced by victims of crime.  Equally important, he understands the fear and insecurity that crimes cause to law abiding citizens. 

As a member of the Public Safety Committee, Joe has monitored and demanded full use of the gang injunction by appropriate government agencies.  He has fought to protect and secure law enforcement resources for the Harbor area.  He has remained engaged with the leaders of the LAPD Harbor Division to make sure they have the support they need from other City agencies.  He is also working with Neighborhood Councils to assist in helping to take back our neighborhoods.

Youth Partnership Programs

As a Senior Lead Officer in LAPD, Joe created the first Teen Community Police Advisory Board, an organization that works with teens to problem solve and break the barriers between police and teenagers.  The program went citywide this year. 

But the job is not done yet. 

Councilman Buscaino continues to promote local area task forces across the Harbor area, comprised of representatives from the LAUSD, Recreation and Parks, and private providers of youth programs to tackle issues of use and access to existing facilities and programs and to fill voids in existing offerings.

He knows we need to measure participation levels in local communities so we can grade our community-wide efforts to reach young people with positive programs.  We need to work together to remove barriers that stand in the way of access to existing facilities.

Wilmington and Watts Youth Facilities

As a police officer, Joe learned that safe neighborhoods are aided by law enforcement, but law enforcement alone cannot create safe neighborhoods.  Communities must include positive programs and facilities for young people to help them avoid the trappings of unsupervised time.

In Wilmington and Watts, Councilman Buscaino has made it one of his top priorities to improve public parks, especially facilities that do or can provide positive programs for kids.  He envisions and is working toward a community-based needs-assessment followed by renovations and expansions of youth facilities, so that demand, not supply, will determine levels of participation and the quality of programming for young people.

Improving Sober Living and Rehab Strategies

Recovering from a drug addiction is very difficult, and drug dealers know it.  Currently San Pedro houses more facilities treating addicts than most communities do, attracting drug dealers to our neighborhoods so they can prey on those who are doing their best to get clean. 

Councilman Buscaino believes we need to make sure Sober Living Homes and rehab facilities are spread throughout the city rather than encouraging a hub for the illegal drug trade.  The Harbor Area should do its part, but it should not shoulder the burden for the rest of the Los Angeles area.

Working with the City Attorney’s office, local law enforcement and local community leaders, Councilman Buscaino is working to develop strategic initiatives that will strike a fair balance of such services for not only in San Pedro but the greater Harbor Area as well.

Protecting Our Environment

Air quality will always be an issue in a metropolitan area with this many freeways and this much industry.  In the Harbor area there is the additional rail and ship pollution that comes with our transportation-based economy.

As a proud member of Green Advisory Committee for the California Conservation Corps, Joe studied and discussed ways to grow our local economy while leaving a clean environment for future generations. 

Here in the Harbor area, Councilman Buscaino believes we need to encourage newer, cleaner maritime and transportation technologies, promoting green job growth, energy conservation measures, and other environmental sustainability efforts.

Public Service 

Whether the problem is trash, fire hazards, or crime, we must have neighborhoods where you and your family feel safe and comfortable. As your City Councilmember, Joe is making sure we get our fair share of city services.

Councilman Buscaino supports our police, fire fighters, sanitation workers and other public employees by giving them the resources they need to make our communities strong, clean, and protected.  As the Chairman of the Public Works Committee, he is also working for fair and responsible reform in DWP that looks out for ratepayers without antagonizing management or labor.